Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bathroom inspiration


I would love to share with you today bathrooms with special materials and textures.

11Combination of travertino chiaro and wood. Design Bonetti&Kozerski for Donna Karan   Source here


4Stunning bathroom design. Beautiful materials.  Hotel San Pietro, Matero, Italy   Photo credit Piermario Ruggeri   Source here


3Soft color palette.   Source Pinterest


5Exceptional bathroom designed by Lionel Jadot.   Photo credit Jean-Luc Laloux   Source here


2Simplicity   Source Pinterest


15Notice the ceramic floor tiles, giving the impression of a rug.   Source here


16Morrocan style bathroom   Source here


14Wabi Sabi style master bathroom of the Greenwich Hotel’s Tribeca Penthouse. Design by Axel Vervoordt.   Photo credit Nikolas Koenig   Source here


13Design by Axel Vervoordt . Love the freestanding bathtub on the concrete floor.   Source Axel Vervoordt


In a lot of the bathrooms shown here today, you will notice special techniques used. If you like these, I would recommend you to visit the website of Belgian company ODILON CREATIONS. The Odilon team has a passion for all ancient techniques, which they reinterprete and transport into a current context to personalize your project.

Discover their different techniques, all made out of natural products :  Tadelakt, Pastellone, Graniglia, eARTh,…

Odilon Creations TadelaktTadelakt by Odilon Creations (source website Odilon Creations)


Exclusive handmade technique Odilon CreationsExclusive handmade technique by Odilon Creations (source website Odilon Creations)


For more information :




Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn Red


Fall,…with its particular beauty,…season of leaves changing colors…,

browns, yellows, oranges and



12Image source here


7Lefèvre Interiors   Photo credit Sophie Lloyd


18Image source unknown


17Image source here


6Image source here


2Image source here


8Image source here


10Image source here


3Image source here


16Natalie Haegeman Interiors   Image source here


5Image source here


11Image source unknown


4Image source here


14Garnier Antiques   Image source here


1Image source here




Thursday, September 18, 2014

Belgian style living rooms


Elegant Belgian living rooms.

If you like to decorate your living room in the Belgian style, you should combine rustic elements with a modern aesthetic to create a simple, not boring, yet cozy and comfortable room.

Choose for a neutral and soft color palette, no strong colors. Notice that nowadays there is a growing tendency to paint walls in a pure white.

Bring in rustic elements as reclaimed ceiling beams, reclaimed wood floorboards or reclaimed stone flooring.

Pay attention to the fire place and keep it in proportion with the architecture of the room.

Combine antique pieces with modern furniture.

Coffee and side tables can be made of metal or wood, or have a metal base mixed with a wooden or stone top.

Avoid decorative excess to keep the room clean and simple.

Add well-chosen accessories, as wicker baskets, antique or new made pottery and ceramics, in combination with simple artwork.

Use Belgian linen for seat upholstery, slipcovers, pillows and drapes.

Add throw pillows, using them as a color accent in your living room.


5 Thierry Lejeune Art & Architecture  Source here


19AM Designs


16Evelyn Moreels






13Magnus Villas   Source here




3AM Designs


22In Tempo




25Lefèvre Interiors


15Sphere Concepts


26Oscar V


Are you inspired by these Belgian living rooms ?



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things I would love to share with you today


I would love to invite you to tour the home of New York based interior designer Cheryl Skoog Tague.

Her home is featured in the September/October issue of Veranda magazine. It even made the cover if this issue!

Cover VerandaCheryl’s dining room on the cover of the September/October issue of Veranda.


Cheryl’s company CORE HOME designs, builds and furnishes high end residential and commercial properties.

Cheryl went all over to Europe to find reclaimed materials and antiques. By using salvaged materials and antiques her house looks very old and authentic.

On one of her trips to Europe, I met Cheryl here in Belgium as she was looking for antique chimney pieces!

Cheryl Skoog Tague 1European fire place in one of the rooms of Cheryl’s home   Image source Core Home


Cheryl Tague in Veranda (1)Reception room at Cheryl’s home   Source video Veranda


Please click on the picture below to see the house tour. I am sure you will love this home!

Cheryl Tague - Veranda video

Congratulations Cheryl. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous !



We stay in New York to spot the MILIEU Fall Anniversary Issue in the streets of New York !

MILIEU in NYMILIEU Fall Anniversary Issue in the streets of NEW YORK   Image source

For those who didn’t know yet, MILIEU 's first anniversary issue is on the newsstands.

MILIEUCover MILIEU Fall 2014 Issue

MILIEU is one year old now and features so many interesting articles to read, as the article about the tile murals at the Parisian home of Juan Pablo Molyneux, about the rooms of a Westchester County home, designed by Vicente Wolf, about a New Orleans house project by Valorie Hart,… and so many more.

Milieu featuringsImages source MILIEU Fall Issue 2014



I do have to share with you today an exceptional design project, just completed by Virginia based interior designer BARRY DIXON for the exquisite jewelry boutique Liljenquist & Beckstead.   

I absolutely love this! Love the whole concept, the paneling, the furniture, the lighting fixtures and all materials Barry used here!

Congratulations Barry. Excellent work!


Pictures below showing :

“Athena" chairs by Barry Dixon and a custom bronze table. "Oeuf" pendant from Avrett. OCHRE’s "Seed Cloud" fixture set into a hand crafted plaster dome.

Chandeliers, pendants and sconces from Avrett, OCHRE and Magni Home Collection.All so well chosen!

Barry Darr Dixon -Store project 1Jewelry boutique Liljenquist & Beckstead   Interior design by Barry Dixon   Image source



I am pleased to mention that our company LEFEVRE INTERIORS is featured in the latest issue of the magazine Art & Décoration.

I want to thank stylist Céline Hassen and photographer Sophie Lloyd for their commitment to realize this article.

Lefèvre Interiors dans Art & Décoration 2014 (1)Lefèvre Interiors featuring in Art & Décoration Septembre 2014


Lefèvre Interiors dans Art & Décoration 2014 (2)Lefèvre Interiors featuring in Art & Décoration Septembre 2014


Art & Déco coverCover Art & Décoration Septembre 2014

To read the full article click HERE.


I hope you enjoyed my today’s post.