Monday, August 18, 2014

My source of inspiration to design paneling


During our holidays I actually found the time to glance (again!) through a lot of my interior design books.

One of these books, I got very attached to - and which I browsed through for the umpteenth time - is the book  ‘An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé’ , by my friend and one of my favorite American interior designers, Timothy Corrigan.

Readers who are following my blog for quite some time, definitely noticed that I have blogged before about Timothy’s work (here) and even about his book (here).

Book CoverCover Book ‘An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé’ – Timothy Corrigan


For several years Timothy Corrigan is featured on the AD100 list of the world’s best interior designers and architects.

I do know that a lot of my American readers are familiar with the work of Timothy, but today I really wanted to blog again about Timothy’s book, because I wanted my European (and especially my Belgian) followers getting introduced to this remarkable and talented designer.

Timothy, who is passionate about French architecture and design history, bought a neoclassical château in the Loire Valley, France and brought it to it’s glory by transforming it into an exceptionally livable home, his personal retreat where he loves to entertain.

The book An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucéis about the story of this stunningly restored French château, filled with beautiful images.

As the château is a national landmark of which every bit of the building, each tree or stone is listed, Timothy had to be very careful with the renovation of the building and its gardens.

The initial major restoration took approximately 5 years!

The château needed to be restored in a meticulous way. Of course I was very much interested in the restoration of the paneling present in many rooms of the castle. Like no other, I do know how important it is to restore the authentic paneling, using time honored techniques as applied in the 18th century!  Surrounded by craftsmen and experts, Timothy restored all paneling in respect to the past. The result is outstanding!

Timothy re-designed all the interiors of the château and filled the rooms with art and antiques.


DSC_0001The book  ‘An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé’  always within reach!


The 18th century national landmark before the restoration.4Image source Architectural Digest


‘Château du Grand-Lucé’ today.5Image source Architectural Digest


Timothy wanted to share the restoration proces of the château with us and uploaded interesting videos of the transformation.

2014-08-18_132951Click on image to watch the restoration trailer.


The huge staircase.1Image source Architectural Digest

Timothy at the grand staircase during the restoration.2014-08-18_135642Image source : video ‘An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Lucé - The Restoration Trailer’


Timothy is explaining the proces of the restoration of the original paneling. The paint on the paneling was removed to get back to the beautiful rough wood that was original to the château. Because of fungus that has been growing on the walls over the years, they had to recreate wood panels using the same techniques that were used when the château was built in the 18th century. 2014-08-18_133803Image source : video ‘Timothy Corrigan on Restoration’

Meticulous removing of the paint on the wood paneling.2014-08-18_143632Image source : video ‘Timothy Corrigan on Restoration’

I highly recommend to watch the above mentioned videos about the restoration !


Following here, some of the rooms before and after.


Salon de Chinois before7Image source Architectural Digest

The murals define the Western idea of life in 18th-century China.They were originally painted by the artist Jean-Baptiste Pillement, which was one of Marie Antoinette’s official painters.This salon is one of only three surviving rooms painted by him in the world.

Salon de Chinois after6Image source Architectural Digest


The Grand Salon before11Image source Architectural Digest

  The Grand Salon with its high ceiling, limestone floor and carved boiserie.

The Grand Salon after12Image source Architectural Digest


One of the château’s 14 guest rooms before10Image source Architectural Digest

Timothy Corrigan gave every guest room its own character and style to avoid the feeling of staying in a hotel with identical suites.

Delightful guest room after.2Image source Architectural Digest


Some images inside the book ‘An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé’ .Inside bookImages source here

To see a preview of the book, please click HERE.

To get your copy of the book, please click HERE or HERE.


Thank you Timothy for this wonderful book, which is my constant source of inspiration to design paneling!

Thank you for your personal note in my copy of your book. It means a lot to me!



I wanted to end this post with a beautiful picture of climbing roses and gravel paths around the pear trees in one of the Château Grand-Lucé’s gardens.

3Image source Architectural Digest


To see more of the work of interior designer TIMOTHY CORRIGAN, please visit his website

Website Château du Grand-Lucé :




Monday, August 11, 2014

Pure Belgian Design


Pure & effortless Belgian design


3Vincent Van Duysen   Photography Frederik Vercruysse   Source here 


1AM Designs   Source here 


4 Nicolas Schuybroek   Source here


8Axel Vervoordt   Source here


2Benoît Viaene   Photo credit Jan Verlinden   Source here


9Timeless Living   Source here


6Glenn Sestig   Source here


7Van Apers   Source here


5Rood3 - Frederique Glorieux   Source here


Talk to you soon !



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lefèvre Interiors featured in Belgian Magazine Tijdloos


First of all I would love to thank you for all the comments and emails I received from you, on Belgian Pearls 5th Anniversary.

All those kind words and compliments mean a lot to me and motivate me to continue writing my blog.

Onward to the next five years!


Today I am pleased to tell you that our company Lefèvre Interiors is featured in the latest issue of the Belgian interior design magazine TIJDLOOS.

TL_COVER_H14.inddCover latest issue of Belgian Magazine TIJDLOOS Aug-Sep-Okt 2014


The article tells about different kind of paneling realized by Lefèvre Interiors and is accompanied by a lot of pictures.

Here are some of the pictures seen in the magazine’s article.

Lefèvre Interiors ph1 - Photo credit Claude SmekensLefèvre Interiors paneling   Photo credit Photography Claude Smekens


Lefèvre Interiors ph2 - Photo credit Claude SmekensLefèvre Interiors paneling   Photo credit Photography Claude Smekens


Lefèvre Interiors ph3 - Photo credit Claude SmekensLefèvre Interiors paneling   Photo credit Photography Claude Smekens


Lefèvre Interiors ph4 - Photo credit Claude SmekensLefèvre Interiors paneling   Photo credit Photography Claude Smekens


To read the full article and to see more paneling realized by Lefèvre Interiors,

please click on picture here below.

Page 1 Featuring pages about Lefèvre Interiors’ paneling in Magazine TIJDLOOS Aug-Sep-Okt 2014

A huge thank you to the team of the magazine for the interest in our company’s work and  a special thank you to our Belgian photographer Claude Smekens for the effort he made to take all the photo shoots.


PubLefèvre Interiors’ advertising page in Magazine TIJDLOOS Aug-Sep-Okt 2014  Photo credit Photography Claude Smekens


If you would like us to design your panelled room, feel free to contact us at

For more Lefèvre Interiors realisations visit our website at




Thursday, July 31, 2014

Belgian Pearls 5th Anniversary


Dear friends and readers, today I ceIebrate the 5th anniversary of Belgian Pearls. I can’t believe that I am blogging for all these years now !

Five years ago, I opened up my free blogger template and posted my first blogpost. I had no idea what this virtual world would bring me. Five years later, I learned to know so many readers and blog colleagues. The already more than 500 posts I wrote, brought me so much joy and so many friends from around the world!

I sincerely thank you for the fine comments and emails, for being there, following Belgian Pearls from behind your screen. It is because of you that my blog Belgian Pearls, means something in this big blogger world.

I do hope you will understand that I really can’t find the time to reply all the emails I receive. I wished I could, but combining blogging and a full time job is not always that evident.

Please apologize my sometimes late reply on your email. And if you have not yet received an email back, please send me your question or inquiry a second time. I will try the best I can to answer you.

Sincerely thank you to all of you !

Belgian Pearls 5th anniversary


Monday, July 28, 2014

Fabulous holiday home in Germany



If you would love to travel to Germany and if you are looking for a very calm place to stay,

Märkisches Landhaus No.8 in Buchholz, only about an hour driving from Berlin, is your perfect holiday retreat.

This country house is the perfect place to escape from everyday life.

Buchholz is a very little village, far away from any roads with only 22 houses and a baroque church. The village is part of the NaturPark Stechlin, well known for its forest and lakes. The big “Stechlin-lake” is the inspiration for the nature park’s name and is the most famous clear water lake of North-Germany.

Landhaus No.8 stands on an extended area of 6000 square meters and is surrounded by forest and meadows.

The owner of the house, Mrs Anette Stolle, knows exactly how to decorate the house to provide her clients a feeling of comfort and well-being. She has an eye for decorating and for detail, seen in every room of the house.

Her country house awaits you with a calm and exclusive atmosphere, offering modern comfort combined with timeless and highclass furnishing.


The beautiful and serene dining room.clip_image001



The beautiful country home.clip_image002


Home terrace, garden and surroundings.clip_image003


Dining room table.clip_image004


Nearby kitchen.clip_image005


Every room of the house is decorated with an eye for detail.clip_image006


The charming library with ancient paneling and open fire place.clip_image007


The sauna with panoramic view.clip_image008


The house has 2 bedrooms with box-spring-beds, flat-screen and walk in wardrobes.clip_image009


One of the bathrooms with well chosen materials and furniture.clip_image010


A charming and beautiful decorated corner in one of the two bedrooms.clip_image011


Anette’s eye for detail here again.clip_image012



If you would like to see and to know more about this charming country house, please visit the Landhaus No.8 website HERE.

Contact and booking :

Märkisches Landhaus No8
Forststrasse 13
16775 Großwoltersdorf / OT Buchholz


Phone : + 49 (0)33082 40947
Cell phone Anette Stolle :  0173 8753070

email :




All pictures with permission of Anette Stolle

Photo credit Claude Smekens Fotografie

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good reads


I hope you all enjoy your summer holidays !

Today I want to share with you some good reads.

 Domaine, which is an online magazine about shopping, style and inspiration for the home, featured about Rose Uniacke’s London home and posted gorgeous pictures of this Georgian Revival-style home.

1Interior design by Rose Uniacke   Source Domaine

To read the full article and to see more pictures, please visit the Domaine page here.


Another interesting article on Domaine, is about how to get the CHANEL look at your home. The Chanel Fall 2014 Haute Couture show provides a whole new way to approach decorating. The space of the latest runway show was stark, almost sterile, except for two huge marble fireplaces at either end of the catwalk, which glistened with digital flames inside and were topped with old baroque mirrors above the mantles. Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration was drawn from the Paris apartment of legendary architect and designer Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier introduced new materials and innovations to the design world, as has Lagerfeld. (text Domaine)


2Source Domaine

To read the full article, please visit the Domaine page here.


3Runway show Chanel Fall-Winter 2014/2015 Haute Couture   Source Chanel

See the Chanel Fall-Winter 2014/2015 Haute Couture show video here.


On Style.Com I saw a picture of one of the Chanel Haute Couture dresses and where was mentioned that Karl Lagerfeld made this dress with concrete in it. Yes concrete! The designer was probably inspired by architect Le Corbusier, who used concrete in modern architecture.

4Source Style.Com


Wishing you a warm and sunny weekend !



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tablescape for summer dining


It’s almost holiday time…

       I do hope we will be blessed with good weather the next weeks, enjoying long and warm summer evenings and al fresco dining.


Here are some ideas to dress up your outdoor dining table !

1 Table with wines, cheeses, bread, grapes and lots of candles.   Source Pinterest


5Inviting all your friends to gather around this table!   Source Pinterest


6 Love the wing chairs at the table ends.   Source Pinterest


2Again a beautiful setting.   Source unknown


4Dining at the courtyard.   Source unknown


7Vineyard dining.   Source Pinterest


9 Lemon pots!   Source Pinterest


8Dinner for two!   Source Pinterest


Wishing you all a very warm and wonderful holiday time !